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Written by Gary Reinheimer   

From the PYC Bylaws – Article IV, Section 3;
“It shall be the duty of the Rear Commodore (Second Vice-President) to assist the Commodore or the Vice Commodore in the discharge of their duties and to officiate in their absence, to represent the Board of Directors at civic affairs and meetings that affect the welfare of the club, to serve as the Chairperson of the Entertainment Committee, and to serve as the Editor of the official club paper.”

Entertainment Committee Tasks:


Maintain a schedule of events that are held by the club members.
 Obtain agreements from the people holding the party.
 Arbitrate if two parties are scheduled for the same day.
 Keep an up-to-date calendar of events posted at the club.


Major Events:
Major event preparation will include purchase and preparation of hot dogs and buns, bug juice an iced tea.
 Memorial Day Potluck –
 July 4 Potluck – includes organizing the games as well as Hot Dog preparation
 Labor Day Potluck
 Associates Dinner
 Awards Banquet


Other Social Activities
 Pizza and Beer Nights
 Moonlight Cruises (?)
 Cookie sign-up sheets for Wednesday race night
 Impromptu birthday parties in conjunction with Pizza and Beer Nights


Edit the club newspaper
It is essential to enlist the assistance of others to write the articles.  Your job is to assign tasks, set a deadline for submission, and then collate the articles and put them together into a newspaper.  Several different software programs are readily available for making the paper.  What is important is that the final product needs to be in a format that can be distributed on the Internet, or posted to the club Web site.  Unfortunately, there are still holdouts who will want a hard copy of the Telltales.  Options for distribution to that gang of holdouts (about 40) include printing, collating, addressing and stamping by yourself, or finding a service to do the dirty work after you put together the original document.


Items that help with the tasks of the Entertainment Committee Chair

(see the CD for copies of these items.)


Utilize the members of the Entertainment Committee.  Do not rely on simply posting a request in the Telltales the month before asking for Committee members to help out.  Put together lists of tasks (Table setup, food preparation and serving, Cleanup) to be performed and distribute sign- up sheets or call Committee members and ask them for their help.


Scheduling events held by club members (probably best maintained by the Rear Commodore):
 PYC Clubhouse use Agreement ( See the CD)
 Article about PYC Clubhouse use and reservations  (See the CD)
 Microsoft Outlook – Calendar program (or another similar program that you like)


Major Events
  Potluck organization procedures – (See the CD)
  Advertising material (ideas to start with or use with date changes) for the      Newsletter / posters at the club

Associates Dinner
  Procedures for organizing the party - See the CD
  Advertising material for the Newsletter / posters at the club – See the CD


Awards Banquet
 Book reservations for the venue well in advance of the party (either the fall before or in    the spring)
 Select the Menu and decide on format of service (family style or separate plate individual   service.
 Devise some form of centerpieces for the tables (can place a card under one chair at each    table to allow the “winner” to take home the centerpiece.

Other Activities

Pizza and Beer Nights
* Make prior arrangements with nearby pizza suppliers that PYC is going to hold a bunch of pizza and beer nights that you want them to provide the pizza for.  Ask for a volume discount.  * Alert them the day of the event that you are going to call in an order at about 7PM.
* Pick up beer, pop and ice.  2 cases regular and 1 case Lite beer is sufficient  (Labatts Blue is popular) and there should be some left over for the next event as well.  Don’t skimp on the beer.  Three 2-liter bottles of pop is a good starting point (Coke, Pepsi, Root Beer, Diet Pepsi, Mountain Dew are popular)
* Count the boats at the starting line, divide by two and add an extra pizza for good measure as the estimated number of pizzas wanted.  Example:  15 boats on the line (don’t forget the committee, spectator and crash boats) would call for 8+1 or 9  pizzas.  Specify to the pizza provider that you want a variety of toppings.
* Call in the order before the race starts (put the phone in a ziplock bag to keep it waterproof and don’t capsize!)  Request delivery time of 8:30 PM.
* Have “seed money” to pay for the pizzas (approximately $100).  Bring LOTS of change for people who pay with $20 bills.  Collect funds.
* Keep receipts of purchases and maintain a tally of the total money brought in.  Put in a request for reimbursement if short in sales.


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